The Benefits of working with Gleaming Laundry Services: 

The Professional Result 

You sure don’t want your laundry mishandled or misplaced during transfer, cleaning, or delivery. Gleaming Laundry does their job with a touch of professionalism, separating each laundry to avoid mix up or any form of misunderstanding.


Working with Gleaming Laundry is far less cheap compared to running your laundry by yourself because by the time you add up the cost of purchase a high-quality washer or dryer, labour and other equipment. The cost of running it including laundry detergent, time, and every situation, you will end up choosing a laundry service to run your laundry for you professionally.


Gleaming Laundry can get back your laundry within 24 or 48 hours delivery, faster and for a cost far lesser than what most local dry cleaning services charge for the same service, commercial laundry service delivers super-fast because of professionals handling the task of laundry service and high end automatic laundry machines.


Gleaming Laundry will schedule the exact days or weeks that will be convenient for your business to pick up & deliver the laundry.

Time and Energy 

Gleaming Laundry will save both time and energy.

How we work:

Gleaming Services Launderette offers a fully comprehensive service. Including washing, drying, ironing.

We have the most high tech machines to be able to provide you with the level of service you expect.

We have our own branded van that can come and collect laundry and delivery it back to you free of charge.

Commercial laundry - bedding, duvets, curtains not a problem our washing machines and driers take up to 20kg.

All pressed and folded with our brand new ironing press - we are the second company in the whole of the UK to have had one custom made to suit ours and our customers needs all the way from Italy.

We currently service the following Industries:

Hotel Laundry Service

Holiday Let Laundry Service

Colleges & Schools Laundry Service

Hospitals & Health Care Laundry Service

Salons & Spas Laundry Service

Gym & Health Clubs Laundry Service

Fast food Outlets Laundry Service

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